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Is USERRA Unconstitutional? Fighting Back against a Texas Court’s Questionable Ruling

America’s military service people are crucial to our defense. However, millions of these unsung heroes work in the private sector or hold non-military employment with state or federal agencies when not deployed. Employers, both private and government, are prohibited by law from discriminating against an employee because of their military service through USERRA, the Uniformed […]

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Differential Pay for Federal Civilian Employees Who Are Called to the Colors (USERRA)

Differential Pay for Federal Civilian Employees under USERRA (PDF) “United States Court of Appeals O’Farrell v Department of Defense” to O’Farrell Decision (PDF) LAW REVIEW1 18102 Reprinted with Permission October 2018 Differential Pay for Federal Civilian Employees Who Are Called to the Colors By Captain Samuel F. Wright, JAGC, USN (Ret.)2 Update on Sam Wright […]

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Ninth Circuit Affirms Employment Bonus for Air Force Officer

The American Association For Justice https://www.justice.org/magazine-article/trial/december-7-2017/ninth-circuit-affirms-employment-bonus-air-force-officer December 2017 – Mandy Brown The Ninth Court has armed a judgment in favor of a servicemember who argued that his employer violated the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act (USERRA) by paying him a lower bonus than he would have received had he not left for active duty. […]

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Differential Pay Verdict Update

As we previously reported on “The Truth About Differential Pay”, in 2015 we obtained a favorable differential pay verdict on behalf of one of our Reservist clients. The case, which concerned the pay the Reservist was due from his Federal Government employer while he was on U.S. military duty, raised many interesting and important points, […]

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Brown Field Mid-Air Collision NTSB Preliminary Report

The NTSB has released its Preliminary Report on the Brown Field mid-air collision which is attached below. The Preliminary Report is based on updated factual data including aircraft specifics, meteorological information and witness statements. As is often the case, the witness statements are contradictory; some witnesses identified both aircraft as being “on downwind” while another […]

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