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Pilot Law was founded in 2004 by Brian Lawler, who spent eleven years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps flying F/A-18s prior to becoming an attorney. Mr. Lawler is retired from the Marine Corps Reserve Component in 2018 after 28 years of service. After law school, Mr. Lawler spent several years representing clients for a well-established trial law firm in Los Angeles before founding Pilot Law. In 2007-2009, Mr. Lawler served as Of Counsel with Lieff Global, LLP in San Francisco representing clients in several high profile military and civilian aviation accidents both nationally and internationally.

Pilot Law is well-versed in the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). We represent Reservists and National Guard Personnel in disputes with their civilian employers, including private
Mr. Lawler flew F/A-18s in the USMC, and is also a private pilot with over 2,000 hours of combined military and civilian flight time. He is still active as a contract simulator instructor in the F/A-18 simulators at MCAS Miramar, CA.

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Pilot Law In The News

An appeal from the district court's judgment after trial in an action under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.

Is USERRA Unconstitutional? Fighting Back against a Texas Court’s Questionable Ruling

America’s military service people are crucial to our defense. However, millions of these unsung heroes work in the private sector or hold non-military employment with state or federal agencies when not deployed. Employers, both private and government, are prohibited by law from discriminating against an employee because of their military…

Iraq Veteran’s Case Against Texas is Testing Job Protections for Homecoming Troops (USERRA)

Allie Morris Houston Chronicle Sep. 17, 2019 “AUSTIN — Le Roy Torres returned from war in Iraq with a lung disease that he says cost him his 14-year career as a Texas state trooper. He is now suing the Department of Public Safety — alleging he was forced out after…

Lawsuits: Federal Gov’t Fails To Protect Military Reservists Returning To Civilian Jobs

Federal law protects people serving in the guard and reserve from losing their job or being denied promotions because they serve in the military. The government is supposed to be a model employer, but KPBS Military Reporter Steve Walsh says that isn’t always the case. Thursday, August 22, 2019 By Steve…

Differential Pay for Federal Civilian Employees Who Are Called to the Colors (USERRA)

Differential Pay for Federal Civilian Employees under USERRA (PDF) “United States Court of Appeals O’Farrell v Department of Defense” to O’Farrell Decision (PDF) LAW REVIEW1 18102 Reprinted with Permission October 2018 Differential Pay for Federal Civilian Employees Who Are Called to the Colors By Captain Samuel F. Wright, JAGC, USN…