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Brown Field Mid-Air Collision NTSB Preliminary Report

The NTSB has released its Preliminary Report on the Brown Field mid-air collision which is attached below. The Preliminary Report is based on updated factual data including aircraft specifics, meteorological information and witness statements. As is often the case, the witness statements are contradictory; some witnesses identified both aircraft as being “on downwind” while another saw the Cessna flying away from the airport and the Sabreliner flying toward the airport and descending.

Also of note, the air traffic controller was reported to be in contact with both aircraft up to the time of the collision. Certainly the radar and audio tapes of the communications between the tower and accident aircraft would be important information to help determine how the aircraft collided.

As experienced pilots and airplane crash lawyers, we will continue to monitor the investigation and conduct our own research into possible causes of this tragic accident.

Brown Field Mid-Air Collision NTSB Preliminary Report (PDF)

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