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Seven Injured in Boeing 767 Post-landing Fire

On Monday, November 4, 2013, a Royal Air Maroc Boeing 767 landed uneventfully at Trudeau Airport in Canada with 258 people on board. “[T]he aircraft reached the parking position, engines were shut down and passengers began to disembark. A cargo belt loader was used to unload luggage from the left aft cargo door but caught fire emitting a large plume of smoke and prompting the crew to initiate an emergency evacuation via slides. About 250 passengers evacuated the aircraft. 7 passengers received injuries, 5 of them were taken to hospital, the injuries partly to lower limbs as result of the evacuation and partly due to smoke inhalation.” (source: https://avherald.com/h?article=46afe309&opt=0).

The links embedded below provide preliminary news coverage of this flight-related tragedy and we at Pilot Law, P.C. are actively investigating this unfortunate incident. We are keenly sympathetic to affected parties in tragedies such as this, having litigated dozens like it in courts throughout the country and abroad.  In cases such as this, affected parties may have legal recourse against various entities, including the aircraft and/or component manufacturers and the owner/operator of the aircraft. We at Pilot Law, P.C. bring years’ of experience and expertise to bear and will diligently and relentlessly pursue the truth on behalf of the victims and their families.